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Before The End Of The Year, Albaik Plans To Launch At Least Three Additional Shops In The UAE.

Writen by Gulf Time Media LLC

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The growth of Albaik in the UAE has been nothing short of amazing. In little under two years after it was initially introduced in the nation, the Saudi-born company has added nine more locations.

It was brought in by ServQuest to work with the licensor Albaik Food Systems (BFS) in the UAE as a licensee to run the brand.

Alaa Sayed, who was hired as ServQuest's general manager to oversee the brand's growth and operations in the UAE, stated in an exclusive interview that Albaik intends to build at least three additional shops there by the end of the year.

"We are moving forward with the expansion quickly. In order to meet demand, we must continue. The people asking to have Albaik close by must be met, therefore we want to keep up," he adds. "If we can do it faster, we will, given the demand that we are facing in the UAE."

UAE, the country where it all started

The Dubai Mall was the site of Albaik's first branch opening in the UAE in 2021. Since then, it has continued to expand, opening branches in various other cities. These include City Center Sharjah, the Mall of the Emirates, and the Baik-Thru, which Albaik originally opened at the Al Rashidiya EPPCO gas station and most recently debuted in the Al Nahda Union Coop branch.

Sayed claims that despite its quick growth, it is not without difficulties. It's a difficult task that demands a lot of planning and work, but with Yazan Malhis' support and direction, the general manager of AFS, we have been able to open significant milestone locations throughout the UAE without sacrificing quality or providing the best customer experience.

He claims that safety is another important factor for Albaik. Every time we open, there are significant lines outside. In addition to giving them the best possible customer experience, we want to make sure that our clients are secure and at ease. When we launch a business, we make an effort to be very cautious.

The Albaik enigma

Although Albaik's success may be new to the UAE, the Jeddah-based company has been creating waves in the Kingdom for over 50 years. Albaik is well known for its fried and roasted chicken, but it also serves fish and dessert.

What is Sayed's explanation for the brand's success? "Our clients are a community, not simply individuals buying food. Therefore, we make efforts to integrate into the community and maintain these ties whenever we establish a new shop. The business also makes a point of supporting the areas they work in. "We always make sure that it's going back to the community, whether it's cleaning beaches or through charitable causes."

Another aspect is heritage. There is an emotional connection to the brand since it is not an international brand that originated in the West. They may also observe if they are receiving the proper quality for the appropriate cost. Basically, everyone can afford Albaik; it is the neighborhood brand. They may easily get their meal or supper.

Regarding goals for the future, Sayed said Albaik wants to be everywhere. That is the goal. Our aim is to be present everywhere.

Sayed is wary about where Albaik will next be opening. "Something is about to happen. We like surprising and delighting our consumers constantly. The CEO of Food Quest, Karim Hajjali, founded ServQuest in 2021 to manage the Albaik license in the UAE, a brand that is dear to the hearts of all Albaik enthusiasts and UAE citizens alike.